Friday, May 21, 2010


a beatific grin
lit his face
while a knife he clutched
with feline grace
i stepped into dark
where friendship was
but i knew in my heart
what was lost
and i let me be stabbed
just to see what it felt like
it felt good
in a masochistic kind of way...

Complaints from the heart

This place aint big enough for all of we
that girl, her and she

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

veg pat

my veggie patch has grown
overgrown actually
with neglect

rabits have run away
with my carrots

people have run away with my
or was it those damn pigs again?

rooting through the torn earth
I must replant
at least a little

for where would I be without my Veggie Patch?

Close brush with death by auto accident

The bend looms as the death angel swoons
You are his dinner tonight
When you scraped through you sighed
But would that sigh have been so much sweeter
Had the fuel in your tank reached the end of its meter?

Taking flight into the ultimate fire of Truth

The sky is light
the light
is sky
the Might
is right
you are not

we are lost
unless we
are right
and we forgot what
right was
when we chose
to fight
without reason

when shame failed
to correct
and faith failed
to survive
within us
we were forsaken
to become
into the fire
at the complete
mercy of Him

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fake Party People

Parrots in the dawn
tired after screaming all night long
peace around the bend
as sleep exercises its slow trend
they used up their reflexes
in crude unnecessary antics
and now when the time matters
there is no energy to get frantic
and now life calls for its fatal sacrifice
it's always there; it's grip like vice.
But now their energy is gone
and they revel in perpetual suppositions of a temporary dawn
knowing that the blight of the new days light
will only lambast their sleep dimmed eyes.
And they will dream lies
until the next party at sundown arrives.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Greatest Jihad

The night is peace until the rising of the dawn
The day is a beast that will torment you long, long, long...

The greatest battles are fought inside
Glory is not for your fellows to decide

And so i fight from the crack of morn to the break of dusk
Through dead heat and lightning, thunder and dust.